Why do we do the things that we do?

Choose the people in your circle that truly want for you what you want for yourself. I’m learning that there are many people out there on the same journey as me, and sometimes, strangers can become your biggest fan. Disengage from those who may have known you for some time but may no longer recognize your light. Make room for more… and feel the joy for others that make them feel alive.

What drives our decision to take one road and not the other?

What are we really hoping to achieve?

What does ultimate bliss look like for you? What does it smell like? What does it feel like?

For a moment, I had to take a step outside of my own world and gain perspective on the answers to these specific questions. It’s something that I remind myself to do every now and then amidst the chaos of day-to-day life. It helps me to gain clarity and refined focus. A gentle reminder to my soul that the Dream is to feel completely alive; and when we can clearly define the meaning behind the things that drive us forward, we begin to propel with greater speed than we ever imagined was possible.

As I reflect on these questions, I begin to uncover a pattern… what I knew to be right since day one, all of a sudden starts to feel true to my core.


It all boils down to the place that makes me feel most alive. Everything in my life that I consciously choose to do; the career path I’ve chosen, the man I married, the painting I created of the future ahead, the road I’ve taken and continue to travel.. are rooted with one common denominator: that is Family.

Why do I do the things that I do? 

A 9-5 job simply doesn’t jive with my soul. For the amount of work vs. what we earn, never mind the stress that goes with it, the people you must surround yourself with and the boss you want to fire…. how about the under appreciation that we live through? Not for me. It is important for me to earn what I am worth, to surround myself with positive people and to provide and support my family in ways that allow me to make choices based on quality and not on price. I’ve chosen a career path that allows me time-freedom and flexibility, which enables me to attend field trips with my step-daughter and to travel to Toronto to visit family, without having to ask for permission. Gawsh, the freedom to make my own decisions has enriched the quality of my life, but more importantly, family life. This is what matters most.

What drives my decision to take one road and not the other? 

I realize that there have been options to pursue endeavours that have fallen on my path. As tempting as it looked to jump on board, the little voice in the back of my head would whisper, how does this serve your love of family? Today, I am helping hundreds of people and their families raise their level of awareness, surrounding money. Growing up, my family struggled financially and were not financially educated. What can I do to make a difference? How can I serve more families? This has lead me to my dream career.

Come to think of it, the one thing I love about my husband is his love for Family. I can’t deny that choosing to marry him meant a lifetime of family bliss. 

What are we really hoping to achieve? 

Why are we all working so hard? To make our parents proud, perhaps? Or is it to provide a home for our children? Maybe we want to save enough to put our little ones in the schools that align with our values. All of these things are what I aspire to achieve. What is the root? Family.

What does ultimate bliss look like for me? What does it smell like? What does it feel like?

Driving the little one to school.

Baking muffins on Valentine’s Day.

Working from home.. in my pjs.. on my bed.

Meetings from home. Thank you, Skype.

Random trips… Disneyland.

The smell of a tasty kitchen.. and me in it, Chef G.

Sleeping in with the hubby, on a Monday.

Fresh bread. I always wanted to be a good baker!

Bed time cuddles, late night movies, lots of giggles.

And popcorn. The smell and taste of popcorn.

This is Freedom.

I can’t imagine any wealth greater than the riches of love. I am reminded everyday, when I see my husband, when I get kisses from my Angel.. and when baby kicks in my tummy, why I do the things I do. It’s not an easy road to takelots of risk-taking, personal evolution, living outside my comfort zone, stepping into greatness... but damn is it worth it.

Family is Fortune.

And I am rich…

Its not a big secret anymore;  the hardest secret to keep yet… But those random cheeseburger binges or late night chinese food is all for good reason!

Perfect timing? Gawsh. What is a perfect time? When is a perfect time to have a child? To start a new career? To quit the job that paralyzes you? To let go of people that don’t satisfy your heart? What is this whole idea about a perfect time?

I went back and forth with this idea. And struggled to find peace with the thought of the perfect time to start a family. I had to look at the series of events that unfolded in my Life and realized that the best decisions I made were when I decided that the time was NOW. This is when magic sparked – when I sold my business, when I left an unhealthy relationship, when I invested in my personal development, when I said “YES” to the man of my dreams… I also think about the time I’ve lost overanalyzing. Overthinking can be crippling to our growth – and this is when I remembered that Life always has a way of working itself out. Sometimes we just have to brace ourselves and trust the process; trust in ourselves and our ability to swim towards the things that make us feel alive.

Motherhood…. MABUHAY!

I have to say that there is nothing I’ve experienced before that compares to this feeling now… landing a deal, traveling overseas, buying a house (buying ANYTHING), career advancement, not even beaches or crazy awesome concerts can compare to this kind of elation. This new chapter is unfolding NOW and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

We are over-the-moon excited (kinda nervous) for this new chapter in our lives… and everything that comes with it.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. ❤

Sometimes its tricky trying to put all the pieces together.. Life. We can’t be completely certain that what we are doing, where we are spending our time and who we have chosen to keep in our lives are contributing to our ideal. We fail at our attempts, the path we thought was the “right path” turns a sharp corner and the people we thought were closest to hearts start to drift.

I am learning that this is all a sign of Growth. It is all part of the process… and sometimes we just have to be Brave. Looking back at some of the events that took place in my Life when I felt the most vulnerable, uncertain, lonely and full of fear, I realize that these were the most pivotal points in my Life. I abandoned an unhealthy relationship. I put an end to an unfulfilling business. I forgave myself for my mistakes. And I started working on me.

I feel like we are constantly having to reinvent ourselves… mentally. We are faced with challenges and changes in our lives that come in many shapes and forms. It is up to us how we choose to rise against those obstacles and how we adapt to new circumstances. It is up to us to remember how we have survived in the past – and how this is all just part of the process.

Today, I am reminded again of how the course of my life has changed since taking several turns over the last several years. I’m feeling a slight shift in my path once again… except this time, I’m… excited. (A little nervous, not gonna lie) but I can’t help remember how I survived thus far – and anxious to find out what this new chapter will bring.

Courage leads to new beginnings. Every successful person I have ever read about – or ever known – had courage. Rosa Park, Martin Luther King, Michael Jordan, Richard Branson, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams..  Courage can lead to miracles that contribute to our stories; stories that can impact generations to come. It is our courage that inspires a community. A household. An organization. A company. A nation.

It wasn’t until I allowed my life to unfold on it’s own, that my ideal started taking shape. Sometimes when you hold onto something for too long that you know isn’t good for you – or when you try to gain control of things you have no control over – you end up with very little and a lot of suffering. It’s not always easy to keep our chin and hopes high… but we must keep on running towards our dreams, turning corners, opening doors and closing chapters.

When you think of the people you admire most, whether they’re politicians, actors, actresses, writers, business people, etc. You have to ask yourself, “what was their struggle towards success? And what kind of challenges did they have to overcome?” I encourage you to read biographies of those who you admire. You will realize that their stories, although very unique in its own way, have one thing in common… they all failed at one point, they were rejected, judged, criticized and faced fear numerous times. I am learning that these elements are the make-up of any successful journey.

So, the next time you may feel uncertain, when you are filled with doubt or overwhelmed with the possibility of failure.. think about Your Story. How would you write your story IF everything you’ve ever imagined started showing up in your World? What if it all worked out just the way you wanted it to? What would it look life? How would you feel? And who would you tell?

It’s time to start thinking Best-Case-Scenario. Let us give ourselves the opportunity to fail, to grow, to learn and to evolve.

We have one shot at Life.. and we have got to be Brave.  Our stores of triumph need to be shared and we deserve to fulfill our endeavours.

Conscious spending is not about limiting ourselves to the things we like and enjoy, but more so, an increased awareness of our spending habits. It’s about thinking twice about our spending choices and assessing whether or not they are in alignment with our financial goals.

Why do we spend frivolously in the first place? What pulls us towards making unnecessary purchases, splurging and over-spending? Yes, we all do it every now and then, but why? Why do we focus so much on the external when we know we can’t buy happiness… We need to do a little more internal work because this is where the magic begins!

Budgeting is one way to practice conscious spending, but let’s face it – most of us are not motivated by our budget. Budget = Boring… and most of the time, it doesn’t work.

While it is important to get clear on our financial goals, it is equally important to evaluate our social and spiritual goals around our finances. Digging deeper allows us to make better decisions during times of temptation, and we can start to experience a new level of satisfaction; one that money can’t buy.  Digging deeper = satisfaction, fulfillment, abundance.

Ever since I made the decision to wind down my business of 7 years to pursue my dream career, I knew I needed to cut down my monthly expenses. A part of me died when my business slowed down, and I remember all of the shopping I did during this transition to try and fill the void. Unfortunately, when I got home and the shopping excursion was over, I was back at square one… feeling empty, scared and alone. It was during these rocky few months that I met someone who was part of a Personal Development group. She invited me to her place for coffee and shared her story with me. I’ll never forget the quote she used to express her reason for overcoming her own personal battles and achieving new levels of success…

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” — Robin S. Sharma

The investment I needed to make to commit to my personal growth was a little daunting.  Eventually, I realized that this was the only way I could move forward mentally & emotionally – the shopping bags and trips to Starbucks simply weren’t cutting it.

It was then that I took the plunge to join the group, and started to work on the internal. During this fragile time, I learned to become vulnerable and managed to pursue my career transition smoothly and with ease, spending very little on things that didn’t grow me. Over time, I noticed how my perspective shifted – it was no longer important for me to have this or to indulge in that, in order to experience true bliss. It wasn’t long until I finally made peace within myself (and with my circumstance) – and that has made all the difference. Ultimate happiness simply cannot be purchased.. and I learned the meaning of the old saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Sometimes it’s easier to overlook our spending habits and to avoid the reality of our financial situation. The hardest part is dealing with the consequences and the remorse we carry after making a “bad decision.” Taking some time to evaluate our social and spiritual goals around our finances stimulate more conscious spending, ultimately allowing us to achieve our personal financial goals.

Getting clear on what is important and WHY we want to practice Conscious Spending is key, especially in times of temptation.

  • Am I making that purchase to accomplish a specific feeling?
  • Why is it so important to make that purchase?
  • Is that purchase in alignment with who I am?
  • What am I missing inside that I am trying to fill?

When we start to work on ourselves, we begin to realize that the external world only provides temporary fulfillment – and that learning to love what is inside, is permanent wealth.

As we raise our level of Conscious Spending, we become rich with self-love. This is what Conscious Spending is all about…

I aspire to share, teach & inspire others with my story.

There’s something about wrapping up the summer break and breaking into our Fall fashion wear, that make me feel as though I was ringing in a New Year. Although we still have 4 more months to go until 2015 hits, I often feel a sense of renewal around this time of year.

The new season feels like a “new leaf.” It’s as though the last 8 months flashed right before my eyes – and now I am reflecting on my journey as I proceed to take action, moving forward. The beautiful thing about Fall and the changing of seasons, is the chance we have to get clear on all the seeds that we’ve planted that are now coming to fruition, in spite of the things that might have distracted us or may have taken us away from our focus. We can use this time to get clear on how we want to end 2014 and to embrace what we’ve accomplished thus far, regardless of our off-days, our unexpected failures and our shortcomings that happened in between.

Ringing in the New Year (2014) with a Vision Board has completely and (sub-consciously) guided me towards my ideal. Although I am not exactly where I want to be, who I want to be, or have what I wish to attain, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the next level ahead of me for business production, creative endeavours with like-minded people and the joint ventures that sparked throughout the year. I understand that in order for this year to end with the  success I have in mind, I need to focus my goals inwardly more than anything. I’ve been seeing signs in different places, meeting the right people and taking on new challenges and roles that require me to be present and in-tune with my best assets. My new leaf will consist of nurturing the seeds I’ve planted by becoming the best version of me…

How about You? Are you in a learning mode or take-action mode? Are you riding “some” wave or taking time-out to rejuvenate? Are you exhausted or thrilled to take your business to the next level? It’s always good to spend time assessing our state of being. We just never know what magic we can pull from our magnificent existence. Sometimes we just need to believe and sometimes… be brave.

Fall in love with the new season and embrace the fresh breeze that comes along with the change.

It was a super sunny day in Vancouver and my business partners and me skipped to our FIRST EVER Fashion Soirée for our new & exciting Lyoness Cashback Destination! We hosted an evening for Malene Grotrian of Malene Grotrian Design, who is now a part of our growing shopping community, offering a total of 7% in Member Benefits.

Call us the “Brand Ambassadors” for the evening!

Our VIP Guests gathered in the studio of the fabulous local Designer and we were welcomed with some lovely wine and cheese. Malene shared with us her path to fulfillment and showcased an array of her unique clothing and opened up her showroom of paintings.

A mini-fashion show took place for the special guests joining us that evening. The one thing we could all agree on about Malene’s taste for fashion is that so many of her pieces are diverse and interchangeable… you can achieve 5+ outfits in one! Shortly after, we jumped in the change rooms to hop into some of our favorite picks! The best part of it all was everything is ON SALE!!! So, on top of the CASHBACK we were receiving for our purchases, we also took advantage of the additiona discount!!!  Double-dipping. At the end of the evening, the savvy shoppers used their FREE Lyoness Cashback cards to receive a CASH BONUS for all their purchases.

It was definitely a fulfilling experience to witness enthusiastic shoppers get so excited about supporting a local small business owner! It is no doubt that Lyoness is changing the way people shop worldwide – and more importantly, the way small businesses attract and retain new customers! It is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone and this is only the beginning.

Thank you, Malene, for your VISION with Lyoness – and for hosting with us a fabulous evening for powerful women in our city, where we all “Get Paid to Shop!”

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Most of us can’t bear to think past a year from now. Some of us only know what will become of ourselves as far as next week. There are people that create 1-3 year plans and there are people who look far into the future and start planning towards it. Some of us live for the day… YOLO.

Let’s be real here, not everything goes as planned. And most of us can agree that life turns sharp corners that we never expected.

Looking back at the last 5 years of my life, I can’t say that I knew this is where I would be today – married, building a business, home ownership, motherhood. I often questioned my path, my relationships and my future.

Have you ever taken a moment to look back at your last five years? Did you know then what you know now? What have you learned? What have you overcome? Who are you today?

Three things I never thought I would do 5 years ago, that have become part of my Story today: 1) Sold my company after 6 years 2) Became a step-mom to a beautiful girl

3) Speaking events in front of large groups

I only had a vague idea of what I wanted for myself, but I never knew what I needed to give up or what I needed to become, in order to achieve greater satisfaction.

It amazes me to think of where I might be 5 years from today based on everything that had transpired 5 years ago. In this time, I experienced a combination of emotions which elevated me to overcome challenges and to make some tough decisions. In this process I’ve built my character and am becoming more definite on who I am and what is important to me.

Whether you’re proud of where you’ve been or disappointed with your past, the bottom line is, so much can happen so fast in a short period of time. Life presents choice – and possibilities that only expand based on our belief that we will get there. In spite of the haze and the uncertainty of what my future holds, I spend a lot of my time thinking about who I want to become.  More importantly, I am developing a skill called “no-attachment to the outcome” because what is meant to be, will be. If there was anything I knew then, it was simply to improve certain aspects of my Life… worrying about HOW got me nowhere. Although my life is nowhere near perfect today, I am definitely happier where I am now than where I was 5 years ago. It took a lot of faith, courage and perseverance to develop progress, but sometimes circumstances arise and we can choose to move with the flow – or resist the inevitable.

I’m learning that there’s nothing permanent in Life. We are constantly evolving. The pain and suffering today, will become our pillars of strength tomorrow. The fears and worries of today become our foundation for courage and resilience tomorrow. The struggles and challenges we are facing become our personal stories of inspiration.

5 years ago I was a different person. Everything I felt, experienced and suffered from has flourished into a flower of fulfillment.

Selling my company and letting go lead me to my dream career.

Becoming a step-mom and giving my heart has made me more selfless.

And speaking in front of large groups in spite of my fear and doubt meant indulging in personal development.

What are three things in your life that you never thought would show up, but have shaped you to become who you are today?
How do you imagine yourself 5 years from now?

There is so much to hope for, to live for, to long for… I am learning to embrace the journey and continue to live my ideal, today.

I visited the beautiful island of Victoria, BC earlier this week for some business and a little bit of pleasure, ofcourse.

After working on my business over the last 2 years, I was pleasantly amazed with how far we’ve come along as a community. Any company entering the market will have it’s challenges; I certainly did in the beginning. The voice in the back of my mind never seemed to fade. Is this going to work? Is this the right move for me? Am I going to make it? Any new venture sparks a stream of doubt, but nothing was ever gained without risk, and I repeatedly reminded myself of that. In the beginning, my business was simply a vision. Most people couldn’t wrap their head around my proposal – but the few who GOT IT, started rolling forward with me. As I start my travels to expand my business, I reflect at how far I’ve come and how much I have changed as a person to get to the place where I am now.

I stepped off the ferry and felt a sense of liberation, a satisfying sense of fulfillment. I was shaking hands with the Leaders in our community that were also equally as excited as me to grow our shopping business! The enthusiasm and positive energy filled our space and I couldn’t help but feel relieved. It’s all coming together.

Sometimes when we are en route to fulfilling our dreams, we don’t always know where the path will lead us to next. All we know is that we are living our Purpose and it just feels right. When I was on my way out of the business that I created for myself for 6 years, I was scared to death about the idea of “leaving the familiar for the unknown.” But I knew it had to be done. I knew I had to grow… to let go. This experience has been a blessing in disguise – and every challenge, every triumph, has been a lesson for my Testament.

Being in the forefront of the growth of my company and to witness a community of passionate people come together has been incredibly satisfying and extremely exciting! The dynamic between merchants & shoppers and those like me that are developing the business, is truly unlike any other. And to think, 2 years ago, we started with only a handful of Visionaries… driven by hope and faith.

Yesterday it was a Vision. Today it is my Reality.
More and more people are catching on to the trend – and it is revolutionizing the marketplace ten-fold. Plant the seeds and the garden will flourish…

What I am learning is that sometimes you don’t to “see” for things to be real. It is the belief and the faith that things will unfold the way our heart desires, that counts.

We must keep the vision strong and our ideal on the forefront. There is a still a lot of work to be done, but when you take a snapshot of where you were 5 years ago and where you are today, you start to realize that at this very moment, we have the choice to shape our destiny – and anything can transpire in a short period of time.

“It is in the moment of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~ Anthony Robbins

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The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.

—  Robert Kiyosaki

People will judge. Let them.

People will assume. Accept them.

People will criticize. Bless them.

It was only when I decided to venture into the world of network marketing that I unveiled the true nature of people. I, for one, have never imagined to pursue this type of industry. I would avoid – at all costs – asking for the help or opinion of people close to me.  I’m just not that type of person who likes to solicit friends and family members. For the most part, I grew up as an independent young woman, who achieved success without the direct assistance from people close to me. I was more than okay with this and did just fine on my own for many years.

And then I stumbled across a company that presented me with an opportunity to build a team, fulfill a dream and to generate a residual income that would help my family. Growing up, having traveled long distances to settle in Canada, my parents always seemed to struggle with their finances. To this day, they are trapped in the 9-5pm system, working long, tireless hours, with retirement too far to bear in mind. Maybe it’s when I look in their eyes, that I feel an immediate need to help them. Maybe it’s the wrinkles in their hands that ignite the desire to save them.

I operated my own marketing company for 7 years. I moved from Toronto to Vancouver to pursue a business venture. Since I was 17, having landed a lucrative sales job, I was on a hussle that took me all over Ontario, through to BC and up into Alberta. It was only after 5 years into the business that I started to feel exhausted. At 24, I needed a break from the constant work life; a moment to slow down and reassess my next steps.

Bottom line, when I stopped working, I stopped getting paid.

I realized this and thought to myself – damn, I worked a long time since a young age and if I continue to push myself the way I have, I might miss out on some incredible moments that money cant buy.

Most people who have money simply don’t have the time – they’re not necessarily happy either.

I searched for opportunity. How do I work smart, not hard? How do wealthy people maintain wealth? How can I create something substantial enough to support not only my future, but my family? How can I earn more time to do what I want, when I want and with who I want, without worrying about financial burdens.

How do I live the life I always imagined?

Sometimes in life, you have to be in a place of great pain to seek alternative solutions. My network marketing business found me and it has been a blessing that continues to serve me in more ways than one.

Most people do not understand my business.

I started to learn more about people and human nature when I shared my business with close peers. It is interesting to realize that a person can pass judgement based on their own fears, develop misunderstanding or resistance simply because of how society has influenced them to think. It is accepting and loving on each of these people that has given me more freedom to pursue my dreams.

Not everyone will get it. 

Embrace the naysayers and stick to your calling. I truly believe that I am an instrument of God’s peace. I believe I’ve been granted the gift to inspire many people, change the lives of those who are looking for hope and to grow (mentally, spiritually, emotionally) with people from all walk’s of Life.

The best part is, I have the freedom to earn what I’m worth.

There are two kinds of people in this world.

Those who decide what they’re worth… and go for it.

And those who let others dictate his/her own worth.

I am learning that people in my generation have not experienced enough pain to want to make a change in his/her own life. However, my business mastermind is a combination of people who have been through enough for too many years that they are more open than ever to a solution to the common problem we face. They have children but no-time to spare; they are consumed by the demands of their business and work long hours with no promise of retirement; they are people who are burnt out and fed up with the ruthless system; and they are people who have been taken advantage of, not acknowledged or under appreciated in the corporate world.

Open minds, open doors…

I never imagined pursuing network marketing until I realized how beautiful the people were that made up the industry. I learned that I can build a business with people I love and truly care for. In the last 3 years of my involvement, I’ve come across some incredibly delightful people; people with great confidence, contagious enthusiasm and an abundance of wisdom. An industry filled with people who believe in personal development and the importance of having goals. A group of ambitious, focused and open-minded individuals who have tasted prosperity in our industry. An admirable group of hopeful visionaries…

These are the people I choose to surround myself with.

Network marketing is an industry that allows one to grow into a Leader, a trendsetter. It is an equal platform for everyone involved… where it’s not about status, but how hard you work. It’s not about title, but the skills you develop. An industry not about selling, but about DREAMING.

It is the corporate world that makes up the Pyramid. And network marketing that changes the game.

Some people will never change their mind about my business. They are simply not ready… But with God’s guidance and relentless support, I will continue to share this incredible gift and stories about how it has shaped my world.

People will judge. Let them. People will assume. Accept them. People will criticize. Bless them.

(SHOUTOUT) to all the T R E N D S E T T E R S… I admire your tenacity and your courage to be different than the rest!