How to Live the Life of Your Dreams Today – EXPOSED

Have you ever felt completely uninspired?

Perhaps you’ve been working endless hours on your business/education/career, only to find yourself feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and simply burnt out.

Do you have dreams that you are putting off because…. you’re scared, don’t know enough about the industry, don’t know enough about the business, or you’re not sure how to get started?

Most of us can agree that working from home, on a beach or in our favourite country, from our laptops, would be a dream come true.

A year ago, I was burnt out, scared and looking far into the future about finally living my dream life, thinking “One day, I will have it all.”

Over the last year, I came to a powerful realization that I have everything I ever need to start living out my Dreams, today!

Something most people have yet to uncover.

In the video below, I open up about how the last 12 months have impacted my Life and how I spend my days today with my family, meditation, writing, reading, (some work) and doing all the things that make me feel alive.

Click the video below to learn about how I managed to figure out How to Live the Life of My Dreams, today.. and how YOU CAN TOO!!

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The thing is, we all daydream about a bigger, better, and more meaningful Life. We often feel like we are “going places” because we are putting in the hours and “doing” the work. It isn’t until we surrender to our Dreams that we begin to realize the possibility of our dream lifestyle coming true.

Magical things start to happen when we begin to look at our Life as if anything is possible, with or without the presence of fear.

“Everything you are searching for will be revealed to you. Everything you are after will come. Everything you wish to be, you already are.”

Often, we replay stories in our minds that sound like this: “One day, when I have… I can start living my dream.” Or, “If I wasn’t afraid to….” or “If I knew how to…” I could finally live the life I love.

For me, I thought that my passion for writing, speaking, event planning, real estate and empowering women, could only be pursued once I had more “experience” doing those things.

The reality is, I already have it all; more than enough to get started.

“Get out of your own way. Stop the paralysis by analysis. Decide the what you want. Create a simple plan. And bring it to Life.”

Today marks the day that I carry my Dreams forward and share them with you, so that you may be challenged to look at your Dreams and ask yourself these (3) things:

#1 If you weren’t fearful, what kind of Dreams would you be living?

#2 What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back from living out your wildest Dreams?

#3 What resources do you have that can help you to achieve these dreams?

As I wrap up this video, I will be spending the rest of my afternoon doing some reading and meditation, followed by a Skype call with an amazing woman who I will be interviewing for my podcast that I am launching in the Fall!! Did I mention that our dream home + other real estate endeavours are now on the Vision Board?

If you resonate with this message, I welcome you to please share it with me in the comments below, what your wildest dreams are + how you are going to challenge yourself to bring it to Life!

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