Cut, Paste & Plan for a Prosperous New Year – EXPOSED

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On January, 24th, 2016, I hosted my 3rd Annual Vision Board Party at the stunning Westside Grand, in Vancouver. A sold-out event where over 65 like-spirited individuals came together to cut, paste and plan for a prosperous new year.

The guests started off the day getting settled into the beautiful space and becoming acquainted with their peers at the table. The energy was vibrant and the hopes were high! I used the energy in the room to give me the confidence and courage I needed to host the event and without fail, I found my voice – it was in my heart, jumping with joy to be in a room full of passionate Dreamers.

The day was organized in a way where speakers that were carefully chosen, got up on stage one-by-one, to share their stories about their businesses, challenges they faced along the way and ofcourse, their take on the power of visualization. I facilitated the conversation asking questions, and naturally, they opened up about their experiences as an entrepreneur and how creating a vision of their lives had helped each one of them achieve some of their wildest dreams. The audience was captivated and inspired by the stories shared, which gave them the fuel they needed to design vision boards with more clarity, more courage, more happiness and more excitement!

Later on in the day, we took a break to feed our minds (and our bellies) and enjoyed an amazing selection of food by kitskitchen – soup, spread and a healthy desert, from our generous sponsors, Grace Lanuza with Grace Lanuza Consulting and Meera Virk with Inner Wisdom Life Coaching! This time was also used to make connections, shake hands and exchange business cards with people in the room. Everyone was buzzing with curiosity and joy, making it a point to speak to their neighbours about their dreams!!

The day continued with more speakers, as everyone worked away on their vision boards. It was a combination of feeling inspired to dream and then actively seeking out images, phrases, words that were in alignment with what they desired.

It is my goal that every single person walk out of there with a completed vision board in-hand and it looks like 80% of the attendees did just that! I’ll take it!

All in all, it truly was a magical day. I learned so much from every single person that was on stage and I know that the guests attending gained valuable tools and knowledge based on the feedback received. The best part for me was seeing people who have attended since day one (and even before the events became “official”) and meeting new people who I now consider to be my friends, my community. Nothing fills me up more than bringing people together so that we can rise above some of our biggest fears and feel inspired to break free from the stories that hold us back from living a life we all deserve.

In retrospect, this experience has helped me to look at my own dreams in a different perspective: one with no judgement, only truth.

I am in complete awe with how every message that was shared on this day, spoke to my own experiences as an Entrepreneur and a mother on a mission. The 3rd Annual Vision Board Party has helped me to understand my journey and the impact I want to make in this Lifetime. And while everyone attended gained some valuable tools on this day, I too, developed a greater purpose – one that involves, providing MORE people with MORE tools and MORE inspiration in MANY MORE WAYS.

So, if you are called to walk beside me, in this wonderful adventure we know as, Life… then I invite you to learn with me, grow with me, and explore with me.

I hope that you join me in my journey as I share my newound mission to “Empower Your Wildest Dreams Into Inspired Action.”

Thank you to every single one of you who attended the 3rd Annual Vision Board Party – I had an incredible time with you and I cannot begin to explain how fuelled I am by YOUR willingness to explore life’s possibilities! I wish you everything your heart desires + more and I hope to DREAM again with you in 2017!


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I was amazed with how many people in the room had attended every Vision Board event, even before it was an official party. I

Diane who opened up our event

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I can’t wait to share how this event has inspired me to amplify my message – how it has confirmed the path I am on.


Just when I thought having a child would set me back in my career… this happened!

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would focus on what propelled you to re-brand, what was your biggest learning in the process and what you’re doing now and going forward as a result smile emoticon