Collaboration Over Competition: Tips & Strategies

Collaboration is an integral part of our business and a strategy that can’t be denied.

I had the pleasure of gaining insight into what it means to “collaborate,” from a few incredibly talented entrepreneurs that understand the importance of “working together,” not “competing against one another.” After all, collaboration is more powerful than competition.

Here’s what some #badassladyboss’ have to say about collaboration & the strategies used to implement the amazing concept.

 Keisha Boutillier with Lovinglittles Blog

Since day one of creating my blog, collaboration has always been a very important thing for me. I love the idea of working with others and gaining new friendships. It really has helped me grow. I started small a couple here or there alone.  Now it’s become a part of almost every post I write. It’s a goal of mine like an addiction, to gather as many like-minded people and start something amazing using our talents. I love creating new ideas with others, watching great things come together as a team.

There was a time, in the beginning where fear & doubt stopped me from reaching out. But with the right people I slowly stopped worrying about it and now think to myself that I would rather hear ‘No thanks’ than not try to reach out at all! You just never know what might happen or what greatness you’ll create.

My strategies for collaboration are the following:

Finding A Niche

I love working with others that have the same interests as me and follow the same flow for my blog. I like keeping it unique and fun for my readers.


Connecting with whom I’m working with is always the best part. If over email or in person it’s great to be able to build that bond! It doesn’t just stop for me when the collab is over.

Group Goals

Creating group goals where everyone benefits. It’s good to be aware of what everyone’s goals are within. Helping to promote and make that happen so they reach success is my goal!

Keeping It Fun

Blogging is defiantly a fun outlet for me, I like to keep any collaboration I do fun & easy going!




Ally Matos with Allyfotografy

When starting my business I was overwhelmed with so much information. I kept asking myself “where do I start?”. I gathered enough courage to start my business knowing no one in the industry and next to nothing about owning a business. I started out okay… little jobs here and there but nothing that really helped me move forward in my business. I had the idea of reaching out to some creatives but got shut down or even worse, bullied.

Suffice to say I was really bummed and almost gave up, until I met a few women in the business who were willing to help me out. Not only did they teach me valuable information, they opened my eyes to the wonderful world of collaboration.

I believe that collaboration encourages creativity, while it also helps with creating meaningful relationships.

For me, I will not hesitate when my friends or fellow creatives ask me to join them on a shoot or an event. Not only is it showcasing all of us, it motivates me and expands my knowledge and my network. A friend once told me “your network is your net worth.”

Here are my strategies when collaborating:

  1. I love collaborating with brands that I believe in ( i.e. that send amazing messages or for a good cause) not only are you supporting your friends, you get exposure to the right crowd.
  1. I look for collaborations in which we both benefit ( I recently partnered with some amazing companies that made local and healthy baby products. I then handed these amazing items out to my clients. My clients benefited from the beatiful gift, I benefited by having amazing product to hand out and the companies benefit because they get free advertisement and more clients using their items)
  1. I support entrepreneurs like myself( I am all about supporting small business. I know how hard it is to run your own business at the same time have room for everything else life brings. We all wish we could clone ourselves so that we would have more time. I love collaborating with others who understand me. Surrounding myself with like minded individuals creates amazing space for creativity. They say you are stronger together.)




Carly with Marsh&Mallow

Collaboration is such an important part of any business and is a win-win for everyone involved. As a start up, being able to collaborate with other businesses has really helped introduce me to some amazing people in the industry. This type of networking has greatly increased my exposure and improved my brand recognition. I always make sure to align myself with like-minded businesses who share the same creative direction, as not only are they promoting your products, but you are representing them as well.

Here are my quick tips on collaboration:

  • Since I do not have a brick and mortar shop I rely on social media quite a bit, for exposure and building connections.
  • My goal is to connect specifically with stylists and event planners, for styled photoshoots or events that are being hosted around the city.
  • I try to put myself out there by interacting with others and offering my marshmallows for styled shoots in exchange for beautiful photographs of my marshmallows.

The reason that this is my strategy for collaboration is because I believe that people eat with their eyes first, therefore having gorgeous pictures to show that not only are my marshmallows delicious but they are also beautiful to add to any sweet table.




How has collaboration helped you in YOUR business?
Do you have a business and you’re not sure who you would collaborate with?

Feel free to share your experience with #CollaborationOverCompetition in the comments below! I’d love to shed some light with you if you need some creative collab ideas!