7 Steps to Building Momentum In Your New Business Now

So, you mustered up the courage to start building your dream business! Hip-hip hooray!!

Now, where do you begin? And what do you do, first?

Whether you are going all-in with your new business venture or building it on the side as you work your full-time job, getting started can always feel overwhelming and daunting.

I encourage you to dedicate the next 30 working days to building momentum in your new biz. Momentum is all about creating motion in your business so that you are consistently producing results that contribute to your overall purpose. Follow these 7 Steps to Build Momentum In Your New Business Now!

(1) Clear space in your home for where the magic will begin!

Having a spot in your home dedicated to your creativity and work will help with keeping you focused and less distracted, even inspired. Decorate this space with inspirational quotes, candles, your favourite pens and even a fab new notebook. How exciting will it be to wake up every morning to have a space you can feel good about? Answer: Super-duper exciting!!

(2) Get the support.

Tell 2-3 people in your Life about your exciting new venture and ask for their support! It is going to be a windy road, filled with all sorts of emotions, so having the support and encouragement from those who are close to you will really help on those tough days. Choose wisely, though! You want to share your Dream only with those who want what is best for you. Avoid the naysayers at all costs!

(3) Write down the basics of your business to get SUPER CLEAR on the 5 W’s + H.

I always use this simple breakdown to help others get clear on the most crucial part of their business. Take this time to define what your business is all about; what you offer, who you help, how you can help them, and what motivates you. Why? What? Who? Who? Where? When? + How?
(1) Why do you do what you do? Define your purpose. What is your biggest inspiration for pursuing your dream business?

(2) What exactly do you offer? When defining what it is you are offering, it is best to stick to a maximum of 3 things that you can build on, instead of 3+ more right off the bat. People like that they can go to you for specific needs, but they can also get very confused if you are offering too much at one time.

(3) Who is your target market? Be specific.
Demographics? Age/Sex/Location? What are their problems/ pain points?

Now that you are aware and clear on your specific target market, you can focus your energy on creating, marketing and speaking to this particular group. If you have a product or service that caters to the baby boomers only, then you wouldn’t necessarily want to join Facebook Groups filled with people in their 20’s. Got it? Good!

(4) How can you help them solve these problems? What is your solution?

Maybe you offer interior design services and the main problem your target market has is outsourcing for furniture on a budget. Your solution could be offering a service that meets your client’s budget, while creating a home of their dreams.

(5) Where will you reach out to them?
Think about your marketing plan. Will you be finding your clients through your website? A blog? Facebook? Twitter? Perhaps, all of the above? Determine WHERE to find your specific audience and create a plan based on attracting them back to your website!

(6) When are you going to work on your business?
Get clear on the time you will dedicate building your new business, whether you are going in full-time right off the bat or working on your baby after your day job, in the evening time and/or weekends. Having the attitude of “whenever I have time,” will get you nowhere (sorry, darling!), nor will it move you forward for a very long time.

Building momentum is about taking consistent, focused action towards your Vision.

Get clear on how many hours every week that you plan to commit to building your dream business. Doing so will set you up for success, as long as you are actually following through. The key is following through your plan.

(4) Write down a list of 3 people who can help you bring your Vision to Life.

Who do you need to help you bring your vision to Life? A graphic designer? A business coach? A photographer?

Perhaps there is someone you know in your network that is doing what you aspire to do. I encourage you to reach out to him/her and ask questions that might be helpful in getting started. Most people love to offer their advice and expertise especially to those who are just starting out. It doesn’t hurt to try!

Have you thought about collaboration? Read this post to learn more about the power of Collaboration + how it can grow your biz!

(5) What are the 5 things you can do to get people’s attention about your business?

A series of blog posts? A You-Tube video? Joining a Facebook Group and having conversations about your start-up? Building a website? Create content for your website? Getting new headshots done + sharing them on your social platforms?

Get clear on how you are going to put yourself on the MAP so that people can become aware of you and what you offer. Share your voice, your presence and your brilliance by writing down the 5 things you are going to do to get people’s attention.

(6) Set your Top 5 Goals + Deadline.

What you want to do now is take the list in (5) and create goals around them. Grab a calendar and for each week, break down exactly what you are going to do + when you want to achieve each goal. Place this calendar in your perfect little work space and be sure to visit it every single day to keep you on track and reminded what needs to be done.


What exactly are you going to do over the next 30 days in your new biz? It is not enough for you to have a plan in place (although it might look really good!) The success of your biz heavily depends on the ACTION YOU TAKE.

So, take the list in (5) and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION NOW. Sounds easy, right? The good news it is! Simply start CREATING/MAKING/DESIGNING/WRITING now and I promise you that everything else will fall into place. Before you know it, you will be a BADASS LADY BOSS in biz, living her WILDEST DREAMS!!

The goal is to create space, gain clarity + TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. Overthinking any of these steps can lead to feelings of discouragement, fear and doubt. These 6 simple steps will create the outline you need to build momentum because having a list of things to TAKE ACTION on, will keep you occupied and productive, focused and on-purpose.

I would love to know what you are working on right now that you are fired up about? How do you plan on building momentum in your awesome biz? Leave your comments below!