I remember one of the lowest times of my life – I was selling the business I worked so hard to build, I lost some very close friends and life as I knew it, just wasn’t the same.

I found solace in being involved in charity work and remember feeling completely lifted and a sense of “belonging” during a time when I felt alone.

I participated in several initiatives over the period of a year and during that time frame, I learned so much about my own value in this world, my impact and my strengths.

I had never been involved in any charity work in the past, so the experience was new to me. It amazed me that no matter how much success I had in my business, the feeling of “giving back” – of my time, my energy, my heart, skills and my talents – just could’t compare.

Let’s put it this way, I love fancy purses, pretty heels and fabulous clothing….

But there truly is no feeling like the way it feels to GIVE BACK – to be a part of something greater than me, that involves another human being.

I felt good, I felt RICH (with love)… and very sexy!

(1) It looks good – have you ever seen someone “Pay It Forward”? We hear stories about it all the time, “Someone paid for my coffee today!” or if we’re feeling sexy enough, we are the one doing the “giving.” The Universe loves “givers,” and givers always GAIN

(2) It feels good – Just like cashmere, “giving back” has the power to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. We feel confident and powerful when we can rock our ability to be compassionate. Feeling good comes natural when we are serving others.

(3) We are bringing “SEXY BACK” in giving! Imagine if you lived in a community of givers who flaunted “philanthropy” and the spirit of “altruism.” Yeeeow! That’s hot.

(4) “Giving back” is trendy! Who doesn’t want to rock the latest trend and stand-out from the crowd? It takes a bold and courageous person to start a trend. Is that you?

(5) We all have the ability to BE SEXY – if only we could encourage one another and realize that WHO WE ARE IS ENOUGH, than giving back would simply highlight the beauty that lies within!


“Step into your SEXY & GIVE BACK because you are enough and your impact matters.”

The Dare to Dream Soirée is a powerful and fabulous evening of community, connection & celebration dedicated to the young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, educators and leading influencers blazing trails in Vancouver both on and offline.

Hosted at the uniquely stylish and newly renovated state-of-the-art theatre, Imperial Vancouver, on Tuesday,November 22nd, 2016, in partnership with Raw Beauty Talks and the “Free to Be” program.



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